Seth Godin är kanske den mest lästa och mest omtalade personen inom modern marknadsföring idag. Jag kan verkligen rekommendera att läsa hans blogg och hans böcker, där flera av dem är tillgängliga fritt på nätet.

Han blev nyligen intervjuad av musik- och mp3-bloggen Rollo & Grady om sin syn på musikindustrin idag. Han säger bland annat:

The music industry is really focused on the ‘industry’ part and not so much on the ‘music’ part. This is the greatest moment in the history of music if your dream is to distribute as much music as possible to as many people as possible, or if your goal is to make it as easy as possible to become heard as a musician. There’s never been a time like this before. So if your focus is on music, it’s great. If your focus is on the industry part and the limos, the advances, the lawyers, polycarbonate and vinyl, it’s horrible. The shift that is happening right now is that the people who insist on keeping the world as it was are going to get more and more frustrated until they lose their jobs. People who want to invent a whole new set of rules, a new paradigm, can’t believe their good fortune and how lucky they are that the people in the industry aren’t noticing an opportunity…

Du kan läsa hela intervjun, eller en sammanfattning som Seth själv presenterade på sin blogg.

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